2nd PIDOP Conference

19 avril 2012

I have just participated in a very challenging conference, the second « Processes Influencing Democratic Ownership and Participation » Conference, at the University of Surrey, England. I have been a member of the Liège team since the beginning of the project, in 2009. It involves 8 European states and has dealt with public policies issues, theoretical aspects of participation among minorities, and has produced a qualitative and a quantitative research in each country. We have a lot of data and only scratch the surface yet. I didn’t have time to present a substantial analysis during this conference (even if I made two interventions and chaired two panels!), but I had presented paper at the conference in Bologna last year with my colleagues from Liège («Political participation as part of youth’ everyday life in Belgium » – if you are interested in this topic, I can send you the paper).

I met a lot of interesting young researchers and I was impressed by the key note address of Judith Torney-Purta. She is a specialist of political socialisation and child development (for a good idea of her work, see « A Cross-National Analysis of Political and Civic Involvement Among Adolescents« ). She talked with me about the « beginning » of this field of research, where psychologists and political scientists worked together. She worked with Robert D. Hess (The development of Political Attitudes in Children, 1967) and David Easton. However, their views diverged after a certain time (Easton was not really interested in political socialisation as such). Political socialisation was very popular in political science until the end of the 70s, where it almost disappeared. Today, the field has been renewed by the researches on civic education, for example. This evolution is very interesting and structures my book on Political Socialisation.

Of course, I will talk more about that in the next posts!


Je reviens d’une conférence fort intéressante organisée par notre groupe de recherche « PIDOP » dont je fais partie depuis 3 ans. Très bonnes discussions avec des chercheurs de tous les horizons. J’ai aussi eu une belle discussion avec Judith Torney-Purta, une des premières spécialistes américaines de la socialisation politique. Ce sera utile pour mon bouquin !