PIDOP Brussels Policymakers Briefing Meeting

On April 24, the PIDOP consortium held the Policymakers Briefing Meeting in Brussels. It was a great success. We presented our recommendations to the Youth Policy at the Commission, the Citizens’ Policy from the Commission, and to the Council of Europe. There was a lot of very positive feedback from the audience in the discussion. The really good upshot of the meeting is that the project is now well and truly lodged in the minds of people from Youth Policy, which is where our real impact at the Commission itself will happen. Martyn Barrett, our project manager, has already had email exchanges with them since the meeting, and they are clearly interested in using our project as an evidence-base for policy work which they are currently doing on youth participation. So, all in all, a very good outcome.

See also: EWC and PIDOP consortium agreed on cooperation on a series of Educators’ Consultations in 2013.


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